Photo courtesy of opensource obsure, Flickr
Photo courtesy of opensource obsure, Flickr

The master once met with some top scientists and technologists. He was shown the latest in television, radio and computer technology. “What are your thoughts on the progress of mankind?” they asked.

The master stared at a television set showing the latest newscast of a bitter war. He listened to the news on the radio about corrupt politicians abusing their power. He glanced at a computer screen streaming news from all over the world, mostly about hunger and poverty and depression.

“Progress?” said the master. “I think that it would be a very good idea. When do you plan to get started?”


Photo courtesy of alicepopkorn, Flickr
Photo courtesy of alicepopkorn, Flickr

A businessman came to the master and said, “I have not much time to come and listen to you for hours. Can you summarize for me the essence of becoming enlightened in a few brief paragraphs?”

The master replied, “Oh, I can do even better. I can summarize it all in one word.”

“Really?” said the businessman. “And what is that word?”

“Silence,” said the master.

“Hmmm, and how does one achieve silence?” said the businessman.

“By meditation,” said the master.

“And how does one meditate?” said the businessman.

“By being silent,” said the master.

And with that, he turned and walked away.

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