Photo by OliBac
One day, Subhuti sat under a tree and went into a state of total emptiness. Flowers from the tree began to shower upon him. He heard a whisper, as from the gods, saying “We thank you for your discourse on emptiness.”

“But I have not said anything about emptiness,” said Subhuti.

“That is true,” came the reply. “You have not spoken about emptiness. We have not heard about emptiness. That is true emptiness.”

And the flowers continued to fall like the rain.

The Hole in the Wall

Photo by Jimmy Stone
A shepherd kept his sheep in a pen enclosed by a low wall.

One day, a little lamb found a hole in the wall and crawled out through it. It wandered around the hills and the meadows but a wolf spotted it and started to chase it around. The lamb ran for its life but the wolf was fast and hungry and was gaining on the lamb.

Suddenly there was a loud crack as the shepherd’s club hit the wolf squarely on its skull. The shepherd picked up the lamb and carried it back home, whispering to it gently along the way. He put the lamb back in the pen.

His neighbors heard about the incident and urged him to patch up the hole in the wall.

But despite their urgings, the shepherd decided to keep the hole right where it was.

Sleeping Tom

Photo by Axle
At church, Tom glanced around and noticed several other churchgoers who were dozing off during the preacher’s sermon.

He whispered to his seatmate (who happened to be God in disguise), “Look at all these people sleeping. They shouldn’t be disrespecting the Lord like that.”

And in that moment, God revealed himself to Tom and whispered in his mind, “I would rather, my son, that you were sleeping like them instead of feeling indignant and self-righteous.”

The Last Lesson

Photo by Carla S.
One evening after dinner, the master called his disciples and said, “We have been living together for a while now. I have seen your progress and development and I am happy with it. Tomorrow morning, I want to see you all here for one last lesson.”

The next morning, the disciples came but the master was nowhere to be found. Instead, they saw a small note saying, “Do not try to find me. I have said all that needs to be said to you, and have done all that needs to be done. Now, remember the lessons and go and live your own lives.”

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