Zenbananas is now Freethinking.Me

The name change reflects the new column I have in a local daily paper – Sunstar Davao. There is also a slight shift in focus as my writings now carry an undercurrent of reason, science and logic — and can span across broader topics such as business and education.

ZB Posts Will Remain

Posts dated 2012 and earlier are reflective of when the site was still zenbananas.com.

Zenbananas is a collection of my personal reflections, stories and poetry that I have found helpful and interesting in my personal spiritual journey. Not all stories are serious and intellectual. Some are there just for laughs. A journey of the spirit shouldn’t be all that somber after all but should be punctuated with joy and delight at every step.

Some of the stories are traditional tales that I have taken the liberty of retelling in my own words and in my own style. I take no credit for the originality of the recipes. But I have here and there added a dash of my own spices and served them to you in my own way.

Have fun.

Andy Uyboco

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. thanks sir. i’m still learning from you. and i thank God for that… 🙂 checked out your myloveinspires site too and i want to read all, but won’t be able to enjoy them if i do it all in one go. 🙂 thanks for the wonderful stories and thoughts.

  2. read your blasphemy on the cross article. nice writing sir. also checked out the blog. astig. hope to meet you sometime in FF though i havent been to a meeting in quite some time. cheers!

  3. The story above leaves to the awakened reader a reminder that zen is actually the ordinary experiences in life because holiness is ordinariness. Enlightenment is first hand experience.

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