Doubt Is Beautiful


DOUBT is the doorway to investigation, to truth, and to discovery. It’s the fire that burns down that which we easily assume and forces us to appreciate our own inclination toward criticism and wonder.

Doubt is a willingness to say, “I’m not sure, but I want to find out!” – and that’s why doubt should be celebrated and encouraged rather than demonized and shoved in a closet.

Doubt is beautiful and a little scary but worth every moment because it drives us to know more and stop settling for less.

— Matt Oxley,

I Will Not Attack

I will not attack your doctrines
nor your creeds
if they accord liberty to me.
[But] If they hold thought to be dangerous-
if they aver that doubt is a crime,
then I attack them one and all,
because they enslave the minds of men.

– Robert Green Ingersoll