4 thoughts on “Changing Education Paradigms”

  1. i like Sir Ken Robinson.

    his topic: Do schools kill creativity is my favorite video. i agree that our educational system should be designed in such a way it would meet the demands of modern society. he also said that society is organic. i agree. a society is compose of firemen, doctors, lawyers, thinkers, cleaners, soldiers, etc. for it to function effectively.

    the biggest challenge in our country is how we could change the educational system. i don’t agree with K-12 actually. our government should have checked Finland/Denmark education as their system even includes carpentry and other hands-on trade and not just academics.

  2. I didn’t agree with K-12 before, but upon reading the documentation on it, it’s actually quite good. The problem here is more on the implementation. The idea ok though. I don’t think we are that ready yet for alternative methods of education because we have very few teachers equipped to teach that way. Most teachers are still stuck with rote learning. They are trapped inside the box of lesson plans, grades and one-dimensional measurements of “intelligence.” This is slowly changing though and I hope I can see major changes happen in my lifetime. If not, I hope it happens in the next.

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