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Photo Credit: Zervas via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Zervas via Compfight cc

We can argue about Rodrigo Duterte’s morality, his philosophy, his proposed policies and so on until we are blue in the face and we would probably not have resolved anything. But we cannot argue about what he has actually done. The results are plain to see. Here are more Duterte stories from the people of Davao (See part 1 here).


A friend of ours had her daughter kidnapped by the nanny and brought to Cotabato. When the mayor was approached, he appointed his most trusted men and said “Hindi sisikatan ng araw, makukuha natin siya. (Before the sun shines, we will have recovered her). True enough, the child was rescued the very next morning in Cotabato. Who doesn’t want a leader like that? Someone who doesn’t go, “We have to make it formal?” — Manolo del Rosario


One night, I rode on a taxi  and instructed the driver to go to Ulas. While on the way, I fell asleep. Upon reaching Bangkal area, the driver woke me up and asked where to proceed because there was an intersection. I remembered that the Mayor had instructed taxi drivers to bring all passengers home safely.  I looked at the taxi meter and read the amount and it was the usual amount I paid.

This is contrary to what I have experienced in Cebu City wherein the driver, upon reaching an intersection, proceeded the other way and deliberately took a longer route.  That is why, I am happy living in this city where Duterte looks after the welfare of the people. I also admire the city councilors who passed ordinances for the city and who share the same vision as that of the good and humble Mayor. — Constancia Calunsod


I was born in Davao City in 1971. One of my unforgettable encounters with our beloved Mayor Duterte was during his term as the OIC vice mayor after EDSA 1.

While he was inside a beauty parlor along Anda St. to have his ingrown nail removed, his driver approached him and whispered in his ear. Immediately, he went out, pulled a screwdriver from the back pocket of his maong pants and started removing the plate number of a vehicle that was illegally parked. While he was doing it, a furious man rushed out cursing him, saying he was vice governor of one of the Davao provinces.

Duterte let him say his piece and then asked the guy, “What is the law?” while pointing at the No Parking sign. But the man continued bragging that he was a government official. All of a sudden Duterte said in a loud voice, “P***** i** mo! Ikaw pay naa sa gobyerno, ikaw pay mag-una una ug suway sa balaod! Kon dili uso sa inyong lugar ang balaod, hala pauli sa inyong probinsya ug didto pagharing buanga ka!”

(You SOB. You are in government yet you are the first one to break the law! If following the law is not fashionable where you live, then go back there so you can be king there, you fool!)

Then he went back inside the parlor to continue his treatment, bringing along with him the license plates he had removed. — Allan Peter M. Sinco


I belong to an ordinary family, nothing special, no money, no clout.

A few years ago, me and family (mom, 3 sisters and 2 brothers-in-law) were hostaged by an otherwise kind and loyal employee who got temporarily insane because he met some bad company, who introduced him to drugs. The hostage- taker kept his very sharp and very big bolo dangerously close to my mom the whole time. None of us could move in fear of what he might do. My brothers-in-law, who were considerably bigger in size than the crazed man, were helpless because he kept a watchful eye over all of us.

One of the saving graces of that time was that cellphones were not as popular yet as they are now. The employee was not familiar with a cellphone so my sister was able to text for help. A friend of hers worked for the mayor at that time. Digong, at that very moment, was attending a high- profile government function at the Marco Polo Hotel with former president, Gloria Arroyo.

The mayor did not hesitate to leave the function behind when he learned that an entire family was in a dire situation. He took half the SWAT team assigned to the event with him. He asked help from local private security agencies to put in extra security at the Marco Polo Hotel for the president’s safety while he dealt with a local emergency.

Four out of the six SWAT men he brought with him got injured over the course of the rescue mission. My sister was hurt too but we all went out of it alive, including the hostage- taker. Digong went in with his men, gun in his hand, went straight to us while his men tackled the insanely strong perpetrator. He ushered us to safety and went back in to support his men.

He handled the situation with precision and genuine concern for us. My sister told him what led to the man’s insanity and he understood. To this day, that man remains alive. He had some jail time but we made sure that he would not pay unfairly for the insanity he went through because of the drugs. The mayor exited when the media started arriving. No photo ops for the general public to see. No display of traditional politicking. He was there as a soldier providing help and when help was given. He went away without so much as a photo.

If the rest of the Philippines would only think about the dirt, which the media can pull out of Digong, then it’s their loss. Davao is fine and it will only get better even if Digong becomes president or not. Can anyone honestly say it will be better for our nation as a whole? I don’t know, I’m just a Dutertard as Duterte- bashers are so fond of calling us, Dabawenyos, these days.

But know this, I live in a safe, progressive, developing city, with clean water, low crime rate, good policemen, mostly honest taxi drivers, free 911 service, and a local government that actually serves its people. — Lelit (last name withheld)

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Originally published in Sunstar Davao.

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8 thoughts on “More Duterte Stories”

  1. Pls publish this so that the people may know! They have been hitting him left and right , even below the belt. This is a very good response to all that!

  2. Constancia Calunsod Suggestion maam… If you want to hail Davao & its Mayor please do so but in doing so don’t put down a city. I’ve been to Cebu thrice & contrary to what you said I think taxi drivers there are courteous and honest as well. Its unfair to the natives of Cebu. #justsharin

  3. Mylls Rico, this is a page that talks about real story. Don’t consider it generally true to all. Maybe your experience is nice but to her not. Everyone is just telling what truly happened to them.
    I can really say Davao is a safe place because of the leader and the people that obeys. It is in Davao that you can wear all your expensive jewelries without worrying that it’ll be stolen or snatched from you. But in Cebu, as soon as our bus arrives at the City, we will all keep our jewelries because there are so many snatchers waiting for it. I’ve been hurt so many times because I forgot to keep my earrings. It was snatched by kids and some are adults already. And no policeman have noticed or helped. I even have seen an old lady who had her ears bleeding because three teenager snatchers pulled her earrings. And the snatchers aren’t even running, they even laughed at the old lady who almost tumbled down. I have then thought, that if this snatchers were only in Davao, they could never really do such things like that.

  4. I had the chance to be in davao years ago. I went to the market as what vacationists usually do. I held my bag in my arms and was laughed at by our companion saying, “bakit nakaganyan ka sa bag mo?”. Then i said, ” xempre nasa palenke tau, mahirap na”. And she told me to stay calm and nobody would care if my bag is just hanging with me. So i proceeded buying mangosteen which is famous there. I also noticed that there are no beggars considering it’s a marketplace. Eh bukod tangi un sa lahat ng palenke na napuntahan ko, Metro Manila man or other provinces. I’m from QC, btw!

  5. It is the bottom line. Why are we going to say bad things about Duterte when he tells us that he has two girl friends. He served the public and made Davao so peaceful. Marcos had stolen billions. What did Gloria do? What has Roxas done? Just analyze. Vote for the person who you deem best for the position. Those what have given best results. Those who are ethical and moral. Let us move forward.

  6. I love to go to Davao, ..every time I go back to P.I. Esp. Mla. always afraid of being robbed o etc. I’d never went to Manila since my cousin( Yasmin Jardin) was assassinated 5 years ago, Siya ang motabo sa ako,( every time) karon direct Cebu nako ug mouli, …I support Du30.. for President.. Bisag magkinaunsa!!!!

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