Peace - Photo by Ragnar Jensen
Peace - Photo by Ragnar Jensen

One day, the master walked past a Christian church where the preacher was denouncing Islam.

Later, he passed by an Islamic mosque where the imam was denouncing Judaism.

Still later, he passed a Jewish temple where the rabbi was denouncing Christianity.

“Ah,” sighed the master to his disciples, “If only these religious idiots would practice the love, acceptance and tolerance they all preach, there would be peace and no need of any religion.”

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2 thoughts on “Peace”

  1. That’s so true. As I open the newspaper, the sad “Ah” always comes out as I see the countless programs on discipline that should grant the peace… That wisdom sounds so childishly. It’s even hard to believe that no one sees the absurdity of love through the hard discipline, that nobody talks about the need to start from oneself. So I bow to the Master. His words are like wonderful artworks…unfortunately, the silence typically dwell in the art showrooms.

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