The Purpose of Goals

“I’m confused with your teaching,” said the achiever to the master. “You teach us that life is already complete and that we have to be satisfied with who we are.”

“True,” said the master.

“But if that is so, what do I do with all my goals and dreams? Do I just give them up and throw them away? Why even bother getting out of the bed in the morning if I have nothing to strive for?” said the achiever.

“Ah, that is where you are mistaken,” said the master. “You have it in your head that your goals and dreams are a means to an end — that they will somehow make you happier or more satisfied. But no matter how much you achieve, you still feel something missing inside, right?”

“Yes,” said the achiever.

“That’s because you are searching for something that isn’t there. You are grasping for something that is already in you. You are like the fish in the ocean looking for water. The moment you realize that, there will be peace, contentment, satisfaction, enlightenment,” said the master.

“So back to my question, once I’m content and happy, of what use are goals?” said the achiever.

“Do not pursue goals to in order to be happy or complete. Realize that you already are happy and complete. Rather, pursue goals as a celebration of your happiness and completeness,” said the master.

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4 thoughts on “The Purpose of Goals”

  1. i always strive to do the best and it never fails to frustrate me when i only get the second spot. now, you gave me something new to ponder. because i seem to miss the whole point of what a true achiever or success should be. life is more than just any achievement or success.

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