A theologian came to see the master.

“Why is it that you are so against theology?” he asked.

“It is not really theology that I am against, but what it has become, and how it is now being used and understood,” said the master.

“What do you mean?” said the theologian.

photo courtesy of Susan WD, Flickr
photo courtesy of Susan WD, Flickr

“Well, theology first came into being because man was interested to explore and know more about the truth. But theology today is very different. It is no longer a search for truth,” said the master.

“What is it now then?” said the theologian.

“A maintenance of a belief system,” replied the master.

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One thought on “Theology”

  1. I would agree with that opinion about theology. Often theology becomes a way to maintain power too. How often does any theology tolerate people questioning that same theology? Nothing wrong with believing in a theology. But I think when a theology becomes a strangling vine, then something is amiss.

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