Where are all the masters?

The seeker roamed the land for years in search of a master.

He went through many villages and towns, but they all shook their heads when asked if they knew of any master who lived nearby. Finally, he reached a small village by the side of a mountain. It was so small he almost missed it, and would have missed it had he not heard the the shrill cry of a newborn baby.

He hurried to the village and asked if they knew of a master. The villagers then told him, “Yes, there is one left and he lives in a small cave on the side of this mountain. If you hurry along this path, you may reach him before sunset.”

Photo by anahitox, Flickr
Photo by anahitox, Flickr

The seeker hurried along and reached the cave after a short while.

The master looked up at him and smiled. “Yes?” he said, “How may I help you?”

The seeker asked, “Well, why is it that there are no more masters around? I have searched for years and only now have I found you. Where are all the masters?”

The master closed his eyes for a moment. Then he suddenly opened them wide and shouted, “Seeker!”

“Yes, sir!” the seeker answered in surprise.

The master smiled again, and continued in a whisper, “Where are you?”

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  1. i find your stories for the soul fit for my former boyfriend. he is THE seeker and one monkey who should take lotsa zenbananas for breakfast.

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