Holy Man

photo courtesy of g_jacobsen, sxc.hu
photo courtesy of g_jacobsen, sxc.hu

Word spread around the kingdom that a holy man had moved into a hut near the base of a nearby mountain. The king wanted to see this man to ask for advice on how to handle the many problems he faced. So one day, he rode out to the mountain with a dozen soldiers and came to the holy man’s hut.

He saw a young, well-built man chopping wood outside the hut and thought this must be the holy man’s apprentice or servant.

“Hey there,” said the king. “I would like to speak to the holy man. May I come in and see him?”

“Of course, your majesty,” said the young man. “Please come in.”

The young man showed him inside the hut, which contained only a small table, a couple of old chairs, some utensils and a cot in the corner. The king stood and looked around, wondering where the holy man would come from. The young man sat in the corner and said, “After you’re done, you may leave whenever you wish.”

“I don’t understand,” said the king. “I said I wanted to see the holy man.”

“You already have,” said the young man. “And if you want my advice, here it is. See every man or woman you meet as holy. That should take care of most of your problems. Good day, your majesty.”

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