Photo by Darwin Bell
Photo by Darwin Bell

“I want you to teach me about wisdom,” said the initiate to the master.

“Go away. I can teach you nothing,” said the master.

“But you have many disciples here. Surely, they wouldn’t be following you if you’re teaching them nothing,” said the initiate.

“Go ask them, then,” said the master.

The initiate went to one of the disciples and said, “The master says he teaches nothing. Is that true?”

“Why, yes,” said the disciple.

“Then what are all of you doing here?” said the initiate.

“We are here to learn,” said the disciple.

“But how can you learn if he teaches nothing?” said the initiate.

“It is true that he teaches nothing. But that does not mean we are not learning anything,” said the disciple.

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4 thoughts on “Nothing”

  1. It’s been amazing to discover and read your blog, I feel I accidentally wrote about a topic that belongs to you in my latest post. I even had the fishes widget for a while! Now I don’t need to develop further my zen story, I just will be following zenbananas. Best wishes.

  2. This master was the Master indeed. He enabled his students to LISTEN to themselves – to obey the spirit who indwells each of us.
    Thank you for the wonderful post. You articles remind the need to listen too.

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