Robbing God of His Glory

The master and his disciples walked past a small gathering. A preacher was in the middle of the crowd and he declared, “We should be dismayed that God is robbed of his glory in this sinful world where people slander him and worship all sorts of idols.”

Photo courtesy of David Sifry, Flickr
Photo courtesy of David Sifry, Flickr

Later, the master remarked to his disciples, “If this God is indeed so great and powerful, I don’t understand how he can be robbed of his glory. Saying that God is robbed of his glory is like saying that you contaminate the entire ocean by pissing on the beach.”

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3 thoughts on “Robbing God of His Glory”

  1. How dumb! That completely misses the point. To rob God of glory is to not honor Him as He deserves. Failure to honor Him does not diminish Him at all, but it does belittle those too absorbed with themselves to notice Him.
    BTW, although your piss may be as small, it can pollute to some degree. Even the physical pollutions of this world are accomplished largely by the multiplication of small doses. We are accountable to insure that our attitudes and actions are expressions of virtue, not to pretend that they have no consequences at all. Just a thought!

  2. I think it’s you who’s missing the point because you are arguing when there is nothing to argue about.

    The point of the story is exactly as you say: “Failure to honor him does not diminish him at all…”

    So we are actually in agreement.


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