Seeing God

Photo by Julianne Villaflor
The master passed by a preacher who said, “We should not be concerned with the world but with God.”

The master remarked to his disciple, “Wouldn’t it be better to see God in the world?”

“What do you mean?” said the disciple.

“The preacher creates a dividing line between ‘the world’ and God — implying that there are ‘godly’ concerns and ‘worldly’ concerns. But that line is an illusion and is the cause of much strife. Witness the wife who complains that her husband spends too much time at church, or the family that is neglected in the name of God.

That is why I say it is better to see God in the world. See God in your neighbor. See God in your wife and family. See God in your work, in your every action and in every person you meet. That way, everything you do will be a godly concern,” concluded the master.

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7 thoughts on “Seeing God”

  1. I have tweeted, facebooked, stumbled and digg’ed this…I am going to feature it in a post for Monday…It needs to be said – again and again and again…Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful story. You give the keys that help us to avoid the traps of World’s Spiders. So I edited my last post and linked it to your story, which portray our dreams without any shadow and clearly points to God and explains our meeting place.

  3. Well said!

    To see everyone as God’s children is better than seeing people as enermy. You live a fuller and happier life when you always feel happy. Just look at Mother Teresa, she sees people in the slums as God’s children, and that gives her the strength.

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