The Rock

The people of the village always approached the master when they had troubling questions. He would always listen and respond to each in a way that brought great understanding and enlightenment.

There was only one topic that he would avoid and that was the topic of God. When people would begin to ask, “Is there a God?” or “Why is God so unfair?” and so on, he would excuse himself and walk away from the conversation.

Then someone asked him, “Why is it that when people start asking you about God, you refuse to answer them?”

“Do you see that rock there by the tree?” said the master.

“Yes,” replied the man.

“Can you tell me why it exists — what is its purpose for being?” said the master.

“Um…no,” said the man.

“Then I trust I have answered your question,” finished the master.

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4 thoughts on “The Rock”

  1. Great story and sensible one! Thumbs-up for your. Me too just like the master, I truly believe in God. No questions ask for now that I know already but before, I once ask also just like the man did some kind of curiosity. Am glad I fully understand it already. Thanks for the share of the story. Great one for the non-believer. Have a pleasant week!

  2. And how do you know that the master truly believes in God? He won’t even talk about it.


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