Those Who Know

The master and his disciples passed by a small crowd where a theologian was discussing emphatically about heaven and hell. Some of the disciples stopped to listen for a while and so the master also stopped to accommodate their curiosity.

Later on, he heard some of his disciples arguing among themselves. Some said the theologian was brilliant in his arguments while others disagreed and pointed out the flaws. Finally they turned to the master to ask his opinion on the matter.

Photo courtesy of boycek,
Photo courtesy of boycek,

The master just smiled and said, “There is a saying–and it applies perfectly in this case–that those who say a lot do not know anything, and those who know a lot do not say anything.”

“What do you mean?” asked the disciples.

“How many of you know what a rose smells like?” asked the master.

All of the disciples raised their hands.

“Now, put it into words,” said the master.

Everyone fell silent, and understood.

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